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  • Excellent hematologist trained in one of the best center for hematology in world (Christian Medical College, Vellore).
  • Consultant Hematologist, Sahyadri Speciality Hospitals, Pune.
  • Associate consultant hematologist , KEM hospital ,Pune.
  • Experience at Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH):   CMCH is a 2000 bedded multispeciality referral center for the whole of India. C.M.C. Hematology is an advanced Bone Marrow Transplant Center doing the highest number of transplants in India and stands as one of the best in Asia.
  • Hematology Specialist in Pune

1. Care of inpatients, Which included :

a) Stem cell transplant,

b) High dose chemotherapy for acute leukemia’s as well as relapsed lymphomas.

c) Blood transfusion and chemotherapy administration.

d) Care of neutropenic patients.

e) Care of hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder including surgeries with factor support.

2. Attending Hematology OPD twice a week

3. On call 24:7 On call rota for emergency hematologist care.

4. Register in the bone marrow transplant unit where my job included.

a) Care of transplant patients,

b) Performing Bone Marrow harvests,

c) Performing red cell and plasma depletion as required,

d) Performing peripheral stem cell harvests and platelet apheresis on Cobe spectra and Hemonetics machines.

5. Procedural Skills

a) Intrathecal chemotherapy

b) Bone marrow aspiration and trephine biopsy 6 to 8 per week

c) Central venous catheterization.

6. DM Dissertation

Topic: Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a single center experience.

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